Call (209) 942-0332 | Address 1135 N Wilson Way, Stockton, CA 95205


Frequently Asked Questions:

Location and Contact

1135 N Wilson Way, Stockton, CA 95205
(209) 942-0332


Monday - Saturday 10AM-6PM
Sundays Closed
Holidays we are Closed: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Health & Social Distancing

Please note that masks will be required to enter the store and must be worn at ALL times- no exceptions
We are currently  allowing customers in at 40% capacity to allow for social distancing. (updated 03/22/21) Please practice social distancing of 6 feet at all times.

All carts are sanitized when returned to the shopping cart area.

We have hand sanitizer available at every cash register & we have dedicated employees that their only task is to disinfect commonly touched areas.

***We now have a separate Entrance and Exit. Please Enter through the Entrance door and Exit through the Exit Door to not hinder the flow of traffic.

***We will no longer have dressing rooms available; however we will have a 5 Day Return policy on CLOTHING. Tags must still be attached, and in their original placement and you MUST have your receipt.

Return policy is for CLOTHING ONLY, all other sales are final. NO RETURNS ON SWIMSUITS OR LINGERIE. 

Discounts & Coupons

We send out exclusive coupons 1-2 times a month through our email list. To get on our email list we will need your EMAIL address (not physical address)  you can send your email address to, or send us a message here through our contact form.

You can use the following discounts Monday - Saturday (we are closed Sundays)

Senior Discount

20% off entire purchase for those 55+ w/ valid id

Military Discount
20% off entire purchase for active and retired military

Student & Teacher Discount
20% off entire purchase w/ valid school id

Friends of Superior Thrift -
20% off entire purchase if you show your cashier that you liked (and/or) commented on one of our most recent posts on facebook or instagram!

Webstore Discounts & Coupons-   In-store Discounts DO NOT APPLY  to the webstore (Senior, Military etc. as we have no way to verify these online)

We send out exclusive coupon codes for the webstore 1-2 times a month through our email list. To get on our email list we will need your EMAIL address (not physical address)  you can send your email address to, or send us a message here through our contact form.

We also have frequent sales that we announce on our social media and through the mailing list.

In-store Return Policy

We currently have a 5 Day Return policy on CLOTHING ONLY. Tags must still be attached, and in their original placement and you MUST have your receipt.

All other items are sold as is. We do not accept returns an any other items. Please ask for assistance, and make use of our electrical outlets in the electronics department prior to purchasing your item. Our employees are more than happy to help and will demonstrate an item (if possible).

Please check clothing for missing buttons, holes etc. If an item is damaged please do not ask for a discount on that item, we will say no.

Website Return Policy

In-Store Pickup We have a 7 day return from date of purchase on Website items. Items picked up from the store must be returned to the store w/ your receipt and returned in the condition they were sold.

Shipped Items- We have a 10 day return from date of delivery on Website items. 

ALL website returns need to be processed through our webstore, no cash or INSTORE refunds given. The refund will be given once we receive the item back in the same condition as it was sold and will be processed 1-3 business days after the return.

Items that have been shipped will need to be shipped back to the store in the same condition as they left and a refund will be given once the item is returned to us in the condition it was sold/shipped. We do not cover damage that occurred once the item is in the hands of the package carrier. Please email and we will try to work with you to resolve any problems.

Items that are missing a price or price tag

if you are interested in an item that is missing a price, we will take down your information and the item will be re-priced by the next morning, except for on Saturdays, where the item will be repriced on MONDAY Morning. We will hold the item for you until 11 AM, after 11 AM the item will return to the sales floor. You can call us at 8 AM to ask what the price is, so you don't waste a trip. We Open at 10 AM Monday through Saturday.


We accept donations at our back gate located on Pinchot St. (across from our back parking lot)
Donation hours are
Monday- Saturday: 8:00 AM-3:00 PM
Sunday  - NO donations Accepted as we are closed.

If you don't see an employee, please use our buzzer, this will alert someone to come out

Please know that we accept items at our discretion, and we may turn away your item(s).

Items we do NOT accept:

Large Appliances (washers, dryers, hot water heaters, refrigerators etc.)
Mattresses, Bed Frames & Box Springs- You may want to contact it's a recycling program for mattresses.
Items that are broken (an exception is televisions, as we WILL Accept and recycle ALL TV's that we cannot sell in the store)
Furniture with rips, broken pieces, stains, odors or pet hair (all furniture is subject to inspection)
Children's Car Seats & Cribs
Tires & Hazardous Materials

If  you have questions, or are unsure PLEASE call or email us ahead of time, so you won't be turned away and waste a trip  (209) 942-0332

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE double check your boxes, containers, pockets of clothing etc before you donate!

We've found Money, Important Documents including birth certificates, Jewelry and other valuable items while sorting and we have no way to contact you to get those items back to you!

We have a large facility, if you've donated something by accident, it's next to impossible for us to find. We have a very fast turnaround time, so that item you donated yesterday could possibly be sold the same day.

Consignment or Purchase of items:

We are NOT a consignment store, and we do not buy items from individuals.

Delivery and Pickup
We do NOT currently pick up items, and we currently do not offer delivery.

In-store and Curbside Pickup for Web Store

You may pick up the item you purchased from the web store at our physical store, but you MUST check the in-store pickup box when you make your payment, otherwise you will be charged for shipping and your item will be shipped to you. You have 10 days from the time you purchase your item to pick it up, or the amount of purchase will be refunded to you and the item will no longer be available to be picked up. Items can only be picked up during the hours the store is open. Usually website items are fulfilled the same day and you will get a confirmation email with pick up instructions. Please wait for pick up instructions before showing up for your item. Please give up to 2 business days for the process of your order.  Please have your order number ready.

Web Store Payment

Payment must be made through the webstore, you cannot pay for the item at the registers.

Web Store Shipping

we ship during business weekdays. We try to ship by the next business day, but in some cases please allow 2-3 days for process of shipment.